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Shed Options

Cahaba Shed Crafters is proud to offer high quality products and great value. We have an impressive selection of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for storage or hobby space, home office or tiny house we have the options to personalize your shed to your needs. Browse through our options below to get a better idea of what we offer, and get in touch with us about any questions. We will be more than happy to assist with whatever you may need.


$120 each

Windows come in white or brown and have operational sashes with screens. All our sheds under 80 square feet come with one window; all sheds 80 square feet and over come with 2 windows included standard. We can also add windows if you want more.



Double $300
Single $200

Our sheds come standard with either a single or double door- your choice. Some people like an additional point of access and we can definitely accommodate that need.

Shed demo 2_edited.jpg



If you plan to be storing large items like appliances or riding lawn mowers a ramp can be very useful. It can also be helpful if the lay of the land causes the door side of your shed to be higher off the ground. Some people prefer step to a ramp and we can build a set up to 4 steps high for the same price.


Higher walls

7 foot side walls $200
8 foot side walls $300

Our sheds come standard with 6-1/2 foot side walls. This is high enough for most applications without being too high for most HOAs. Depending on the use for the shed however it may make sense to have higher walls. We are happy to offer the 7 ft and 8 ft side wall options.

Wall height_edited_edited.jpg


$8 per linear foot

Our workbench is 24 inches deep and is usually set at 36 inches height. We normally run this across the narrow end of the shed.



$10 per linear foot

The loft is an addition if you want to store items up high that you may need to get to only rarely. They are 32 inches deep and can be installed at either or both ends of your shed.


Metal Roofing

Pricing Depends on Shed Size

Our sheds come standard with 30 year architectural shingles. Some customers want metal roofing instead and we are happy to offer that option. For most sizes, upgrading to metal costs between $100-$500.



$3 per square foot of insulated surfaces

Do you want a climate controlled shed? Insulating the floor walls and ceiling is a must. We can install insulation as we build so that there are proper vapor barriers as needed.


Pine Board

$7 per square foot of surface area

If you want the interior finished out I offer pine board tongue and groove. This is a great cabin feel and very warm look.


Insulated Entry Door

Price varies depending on the door you choose

If you are insulating your shed our standard doors do not come insulated and we have no good way to insulate them. In these cases we recommend and install an insulated entry door like what you would have on your house. When we install these doors we also need to raise your side walls to 8 foot to accommodate the door


Double Pane Windows

$250 each

Your average shed does not require double pane windows but if you are insulating your shed you do not want all that conditioned air to just escape out your windows! We would charge the difference between regular and insulated windows for the number that come standard for your shed and the full price for any additional double pane windows that you need.


Window Shutters and Flower Boxes

$50 each

This adds a little bit extra flair to your shed! They are available in a variety of colors.

Shutters and window box.webp

Old Shed Removal

$8 Per Square Foot

If you have an old shed that needs demo we can remove and dispose of it for you.

Demo old shed_edited.jpg
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