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High Quality

What makes our sheds high quality?

8x16 shed with shutters and flower box.

Built On Site

Why is building on site higher quality than moving in a pre-built shed? There are many reasons to build on site. If you have a fenced back yard it can be a hassle, not to mention an extra expense, to have part of the fence removed and then replaced after moving in a shed. Building on site does not tear up your yard the way driving heavy machinery over it does. Loading and unloading as well as setting these sheds in place puts a lot of stress on the prebuilt sheds cutting their usable life span. Our sheds get built on site by our professional builders so that you get to enjoy your new shed for many more years to come.

Our floor system

Our floors

Our floor system is built with pressure treated 2x6 framing compared to the industry standard 2x4 floor framing. We deck our floor with 3/4 inch plywood rather than the thinner 5/8 inch plywood. These factors together make our floors more solid, stronger, and longer lasting.

framing 16 inches on center

Our Walls

We frame our walls and roof on 16 inch centers. This adds an extra stud and rafter every 4 feet compared to many that are framed on 24 inch centers. The effect of this is a more rigid and secure wall and a stronger roof.

Custom painting included on every shed

Our Exterior Finish

We use LP Smart Siding on our sheds which carries a 50 year warranty, and paint it with Sherwin Williams’ Super Paint which carries a lifetime warranty.

High quality architectural shingles

Our Roof

The shingles we use are the 30 year architectural shingles similar to what is used on most new houses today vs. the 15 year 3-tab shingles used on many sheds.

Fresh air vents on every shed

Air Vents

All our sheds come standard with fresh air vents in the gable ends. This helps clear moisture out of the shed so that you don’t get mildew growth inside.

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